Daddy Freeze Explains Why It Will Be Hard For Him To Be A Billionaire


Popular OAP Daddy Freeze has mentioned that for the fact that he is a genuine preacher of the gospel, it will be quite hard for him to become a billionaire.

The Free the Sheeple leader was responding to some critics who called him out for not paying

tithes, saying his name should have been on the newly released Forbes list of Africa’s richest people.

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‘My bio says bible teacher, not entrepreneur and definitely NOT BILLIONAIRE. If I’m a genuine teacher of the scriptures, it would be quite hard for me to become a billionaire’ he said.

Also, I have repeatedly emphasized to my followers and members of the #FreeNation, that I cannot help them if they want to be rich, check my teachings from way back, the only thing I promised them is to teach them the truth about Christ and the scriptures.

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Have I ever let anyone down in that regard?

In the #FreeNationInChrist, when we pray, we don’t even pray for prosperity, wealth or earthly riches, we pray for wisdom,

understanding and God’s guidance, so saying my name is not on the Forbes list is the equivalent of saying I wasn’t nominated for a Grammy.

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On the other hand, your pastors promise heaven and earth for tithers and those who give them money. Oyedepo called himself an apostle of prosperity in the land; WHERE IS THE PROSPERITY?
We need to begin holding these men accountable for their words.

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