Chris Brown Drops New Song, ‘What Would You Do?’ After Release From Jail


Chris Brown has dropped a brand new song entitled, ‘What Would You Do?’ This is coming less than 24 hours after being released from jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

The song which was released on his SoundCloud page Wednesday, opens with the lyrics: “I’ve got some questions, some questions for you / I need some answers, answers from you / What do you do, fighting for your life when no one’s on your side? / I can’t stand to loose you, see you’re in too deep with no where to hide.”

That same day, the father of one hinted that he would be revealing a new music project. “Yo, you know all this b—-s—- going on man, I’m just gonna turn the other cheek and drop some music,” Brown, 27, said in a video shared hours before the song’s premiere.

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