Campus Heat Raises Temperature in UI!!!


Campus Heat Raises Temperature in UI!!!

So it’s about that time again. Campus heat has decided to bestow us with this year’s ‘Hottest Students’ list and now that ‘StrictlyUI’ has been made, more students can check out who’s who on the social scene. No, it wasn’t ‘StrictlyUI’ that made the list….have you heard!!! All you people that insist on carrying last.

Anyway, “what is Campus Heat?” you may ask…smh….later you’ll now tell your friends you’ve known about it since. God sees you oh!

Basically it’s another social network. *sigh* But the difference is it’s made up of different universities…from Bells to UI and from Lagos to Landmark. It’s been around for quite some time so they aren’t trying to copy UI. They release two ‘Hottest Students’ list every year, one for stallites (which everyone is shouting about), and the other for freshers. 10 boys and 10 girls and you basically have to run things on your campus to get in, throw the hottest parties, wear the best clothes…or in some cases, have the longest leg *cough cough*. Their criteria is obvious enough,  “looks, reputation, dress sense and other socially important features”.…..Did I hear someone say famzing? *looks around me*. Other things also assist but are not necessary, like…being a club boy…a beg don’t look at me like that, it’s quite obvious.

Anyway there’s been some sort of an uproar about the list, quite normal for something like this. But after I took a look I realized there are some note worthy absentees…abi if you’re a damn chiefo of one of the biggest clubs in UI shouldn’t you be here…I guess the powers that be at Campus Heat don’t agree with me…and about 10,000 UI students. Make we cash yu for road!

If you haven’t seen the list, what have you been doing? Reading shey……okay o. I believe. Here they are…

ImageAkinro Tosin (300 Level, Industrial Engineering)

ImageAbegunde Charles (Mechanical Engineering)

ImageAdeyeye Bolu (200 Level, Civil Engineering)

ImageArabieke Oluwaseyi (500 Level, Wood Engineering)

ImagePopoola Opeyemi (400 Level, Petroleum Engineering)

Sorry for the break in transmission but….Engineering dey try gan. Ki lo de..? Thought Social Science would chop mouth small…

ImageGabson Acho (300 Level, Human Kinetics)

ImageNgwoke Ikem (200 Level, Computer Science)

ImageOlumide Scott (200 Level, Political Science)

ImageOjewunmi Babajide (500 Level, Food Technology)

ImageKalu Uche (500 Level, Fishery)

And for the ladies…

ImageEpkeyong Edidiama (400 Level, Psychology)

ImageAmakom Anwuli (300 Level, Psychology)

ImageParker Divine (300 Level, Communication and Language Arts)

ImageOlatunde Funke (300 Level, Zoology)

ImageOrkpeh Doose (300 Level, Economics)

ImageInioluwa Adesiyan (300 Level, Industrial Engineering)

ImageAsinobi Toyin (300 Level, Medicine)

ImageOhazurume Nneoma (200 Level, Economics)

ImageEkpeyong Ekemini (400 Level, Law)

ImageOladeji Lola (400 Level, Sociology)


And there you have it, these are basically the people at the height of our social ladder. *looks dazed* Please oh!!! Some boys are missing!! Or maybe I got the wrong list…maybe some club boys have vexed the heat…or we aren’t supposed to count chiefs ni?? And not only are some names absent, UItes believe some people should be removed… opinion is not in this one. Nobody should come hunt me down.

Here are some comments “borrowed” from StrictlyUI…

“wats ekemini doin ere, she shouldn’t be ere @ all! Shes a punk”

–         Oluwaseun Sodunke

“…wtz up wif Nkem or Ikem or…WTF?  u’ tellin us hiz hotter n mor sophisticated dan D’longz? Feranmi? Fisayo? Olugbo? (I kn go on) campus heat ori yin o fe pe ooo…no p o…I’m jes bein’ blunt!”

–         Adenuga Rachael

Follow me tell them ooo, maybe they’ll listen to you.

“Ojewunmi babatunde shouldn’t be here, what u call that, swags? And adeyeye bolu, snapping in a grocery store don’t mean shit!”

–         Oladotun Habib Oyewole

“…and 4d rest of us whu rn’t on dis list. My ansa is simple: don’t despair…jus’ step ur game (bt neva @ d xpense of ur rep n studies) n sumday soon mayb strictly ui wild deem it fit to p

ut up a mor credible list of our own!”

–         Leendo Nwoye

*bursts into laughter* That has to be my favourite quote….

But at least I know I’m not the only one wondering, where’s D’longz, Fisayo, Olugbo….a beg you can’t leave out the head niggers in charge and think this list is complete. These are guys we’ve been hearing gist about since Olorun knows when…abi rep used to vanish in seconds…or maybe I’m the one that’s clueless *shrugs shoulders*

Hmmmm, wonder how the freshers’ list is going to look like…..that would give the UI newbies something to cry about.


Oya, I’m at the end, time to go stare at my notes, I WANT TO RESUME!!!

–         I

bukun Adelekan

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  1. Ow cm Fisayo’s name ain’t n d list. D@ guy gt 1 of d bezt swags I’ve cn. *nd I ain’t no UIte* buh d@ dznt mean non-uite dnt no wuz wu