“Bomb P**sy.. it’s affecting my self esteem” – Nigerian lady cries out


Self acclaimed relationship blogger and adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a lady who claimed that bomb p**sy is affecting her self esteem.

According to the young lady, her boyfriend always talks about how men will do anything for that Bomb p*ssy because it keeps a man and make him become loyal.

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Read below;
Hi joro hope you’re enjoying your holiday. I hope you get this pls help post cos I’m confused. My boyfriend always talks about how the ultimate p*ssy keeps a man.

He says men will do anything for that bomb p*ssy and can’t let go. He talks about it a lot and when I ask about mine, he brushes it off.

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Don’t know if my p*ssy is good enough. Is that the only way to keep a man? I love him and don’t want to lose him.

But he never compliments me, He acts like he loves me, but when it comes to sex I get confused. It’s actually affecting my esteem.

What can I do? What does a bomb pussy feel like? Also, he doesn’t always want to have sex, but always wants me around. I’m confused

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