“Bobrisky has Anal Cancer his Yansh is Leaking” – Cross Dresser JP Blush makes shocking revelation


It looks like cross dress, JP Blush is not done with Bobrisky as he has again taking to social media to spill more shocking revelation that will send shivers down spine.

According to JP Blush, Bobrisky’s a** is leaking because he has anal cancer.

In his words;
“Bobrisky has Anal Cancer his Yansh is Leaking and that is why he wears pads and Always says he is Menstruating”

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Recall things got out of hand after Bobrisky slammed Toyin, calling her broke for throwing a party for her birthday.
Bob had taken to social media to write;
Hey Bitch, we all know you are so broke. Stop wasting money you don’t have on birthday,” he wrote.
This, of course, did not sit well with Toyin, who lashed out back calling Bob a loser.

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The fashion stylist wrote;
”I Don’t Associate with losers ,Reason why is this, can be poor&still be a winner ,like Bolanle the pepper girl, she’s not rich but she’s got various skills at creating so she’s a winner ,like My physically challenged Girls Gladys/mercyline who can’t speak nor hear& I trained them to be baddass tailor/hair Stylista, they create clothes for wizkid,tiwa etc they are winners.

They just needs capital to Blow bigger ,if you don’t have any skills you are a loser,losers Have nothing to offer ,losers need winners to Shine& losers focus on winners who don’t even see them or think of them, losers need to lie to make themselves feel good or for people to think they are on A High horse .Their Talent is to lie to belong..”

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