Blac Chyna Demands $10,000 Over Revenge P*rn From Rob Kardashian


Although Blac Chyna agreed Rob Kardashian will pay her $20,000 monthly for child support and also drop all allegations of abuse against him, she’s still not over the revenge p0rrn drama.

Chyna is seeking a sum to settle with him over posting her NVd3s on the internet, claiming the pictures made it obvious she had a plastic surgery which made her lose a couple of weight loss endorsements.

An Insider tells RadarOnline, they met for the very first time since the whole drama happened in July.

‘Rob and Chyna didn’t speak to each other at all, Kris Jenner was the holdup in the deal. A settlement was discussed but Rob had to call his mom for approval for the deal, and she didn’t respond, Kris had to approve when Chyna was given $20,000 a month by Rob for Dream She controls everything for him.’

Chyna is requesting for $10,000 and isn’t afraid to file a lawsuit against him, all attempts to get him to comply failed which prompted her attorney Lisa Bloom’s message on twitter.

‘Do NOT disrespect my client. I got your back, @BlacChyna. Stay tuned for chapter 2, y’all’ the lawyer wrote.

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