Ariana Grande Getting Over Her Break Up WELL


Ariana Grande is doing what anyone might after a tough breakup — TREAT YOUR SELF!
And she’s doing it in a big way!

AG was spotted on a shopping spree Sunday in SoHo, NYC with a couple of massive Chanel bags in each arm and a big puffy coat to keep her comfy as she rocked a matching boots.

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This is a much different vibe than we were getting from her now-ex, Pete Davidson, just a few days ago. He was looking mopey as hell post-split. And she, well, looks fabulous.

Speaking of Pete … he’s said to have broken his silence on the split over the weekend during a comedy show in L.A., where he reportedly joked about needing a new roommate, covering up his Ariana-inspired tattoos and people hoping he doesn’t “kill himself.”

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