This $99 Drone Is The Most Incredible Invention of 2018


Summary: This brilliant new drone is taking the world by storm. It lets you take stunning photos and videos from above, so you can impress your friends on your next vacation. You can take it with you anywhere thanks to its compact size. Its so easy to use that you can have it ready to go in under 30 seconds. The best part? DroneX Pro focuses on product development instead of branding. This means they’re able to offer a world-class quality drone at an incredibly low price.

“The reason brand name drones are so expensive isn’t because of their technology. It’s because of their brand name.” -Engineer for DroneX Pro

Over the last 12 months we’ve tested most of the drone models on the market. Typically models under $100 are very difficult to control even in light wind. Their camera also struggles to deliver high-quality photos and videos.

However in the last few months, a cheap drone model called the DroneX Pro has been receiving a lot of praise among experts. Is this inexpensive drone really as good as the experts are saying? We ordered one to test right away. Our impression? We’re thrilled.

Why is this extremely high quality drone so cheap?

The DroneX Pro was designed by two engineers and drone lovers. The drones they already had were hard to maneuver and took low quality photos and videos.

They decided to spend a few weeks looking for better alternatives. After a lot of research and phone calls, they came to a shocking conclusion. The high-quality technology in most expensive brand drones comes mostly from the SELBEN supplier companies and was quite inexpensive to their astonishment.

In other words? They found that expensive brand drones are not expensive because of their technology. It’s because of their brand name.

Armed with this new knowledge, they decided to create a drone of their own. This drone would be much better than the expensive-brand drones and be sold at a fraction of the price. They created the DroneX Pro.

Check out the following video to watch DroneX Pro in action:

What makes the DroneX Pro so special?

This drone makes beginners look like professionals. It comes with a professional controller and makes flying easy even for beginners. Even people who have never flown a drone before can have it working in no time.

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