10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria (2019)


    10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria (2019)

    Any service rendered in exchange for money is called a job. There are several jobs that an individual can do but we have to know what the highest paying jobs in Nigeria are.

    There are many jobs that you can do that will give you so much money in one year. To get some of these jobs, we go to school to learn. After graduation, we apply trying to get some of these jobs. It is not everyone that gets the job.

    List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria (2019)


    Being a politician is the highest paying job in Nigeria right now. This 2019, being a politician would take so much money from your pocket due to the elections but after the elections, the money is doubled and recovered. The corrupt practices of Nigerian politicians has made them the richest on earth. At the lowest level, a local government chairman makes as much as 5 million naira a month. Some in the highest offices make more than 10 billion per quarter.

    CEO of Giant Companies:

    CEOs and Chairmans of big companies such as Dangote Group of Companies, Honeywell and so many others make so much money from their businesses. They own these companies and they are billionaires. Amongst the set we have people such as Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote, Oba Otudeko etc. Their earnings are not defined but they make 3 billion naira per annum and above.

    Heads of Federal Agencies:

    I am talking about Federal MDAs such as FIRS, CBN, NPA and so many others. When politicians win elections and there is a new administration, they put in their friends and associates as heads of these parastatals. It doesn’t matter if they know a thing about the agencies they are heading. They make millions of naira per month and steal hundreds of millions yearly.


    Nigerians are very religious set of people and they take their religion seriously. Pastors unlike other jobs, are not called by choice but by God. Although, some pastors are fake and they turn to deities for their powers. Nigerians pastors live luxurious lifestyles as they have been blessed. They fly in private jets all around the world and their churches do have branches around Nigeria and other parts of the world. They make about 50 million per annum.


    Nigerian music is going global and the end result of this is that the bank accounts of our musicians are growing fatter by the day.


    Directors are the ones who run the company and report to either the CEO/Chairman or Board of Directors. They are second in command and a part of the top chain of an organization’s executive. In the banking sector, we these directors are called Managing Directors or MD. These set of people make about 10 to 20 million naira per year.


    Flying an airplane is very lucrative but learning how to fly one is more expensive. The lives of so many people are in the hands of a pilot at once. This makes their job so lucrative as they fly from place to place.


    Just like pilots, the lives of human beings are in the hands of Surgeons. This explains why they are paid so well. They get up to 8 million naira upwards per annum.

    Telecoms Engineers:

    They make sure whenever you are using your GLO, MTN, 9mobile or Airtel line to make calls, texts and browse, everything goes through. They are one of the highest paid in Nigeria.


    Do you know that Mark Zuckerberg is a programmer? He is a billionaire today and the owner of the biggest social media platform in the world- Facebook. Programmers are well paid and they make 5 to 6 million naira.

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